The delivery orders in Portugal has no additional shipping costs in addition to the normal shipping costs. The price of any product ordered through WineChaletPortugal will add the cost of packaging € 1.50 per bottle, plus the cost of shipping to the address indicated by Customer Orders. As a general rule, the delivery time for mainland Portugal is up to 48 hours, 2-4 working days for Spain, 3-5 working days in Europe and 5-10 days for the rest of the world. Exclusively for shipments to mainland Portugal, no shipping charges will be charged for orders over € €50.00. Get in touch with us if your country is not on our mailing lists, this is only done under budget.

Portugal, Spain, England, Scotland, Wales, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, Luxembourg, Austria, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Switzerland, Northern Ireland Slovenia, Poland, Czech Republic.


You will have different payment methods ( Debit or Credit Card, PayPal, iDeal and Bank Transfer) and you must choose in accordance to your preference.



All products sent by us must be examined by the customer upon receipt. If there is any data, the customer must return the goods by the carrier, explaining the reason for the return in the transport document. We will be notified immediately by email:

Within 14 days of receiving a product, it can be returned under the same conditions in which it was delivered and the customer will be responsible for shipping costs.


All orders placed through WineChaletPortugal, in which the payment is not paid within a maximum period of (15) days, will be canceled.

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All prices shown include VAT at the legal rate in force, unless otherwise stated. Limited to existing stock.


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