Fresh grapes at their ideal point of ripeness, picked by hand for 20 kg boxes, they are transported to the cellar where they were subject to careful manual selection. They are destemmed, crushed and macerated for 48 hours, then for French oak barrels, where they ferment and age. This one wine is a batch of wines from several years (2 barrels from 2015, one 2016, 2017 and 2018 barrels).


Intense straw colored wine. Aromas of bread, honey, grapefruit, white flowers and a wet stone. In the mouth is a wine full of layers, very bulky and full of energy given its persistent freshness.


Enjoy dishes with complex and rich flavor, such as fish in the oven, seafood and curing cheeses. Serve at 10 - 12ºc

Titan Of Douro Fragmentado

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