The winter of 2017 was extremely hot and dry. During the November to Marco there were very low precipitation values ​​when compared to the usual. Such values ​​allowed that in terms of phytosanitary products the year was of total absence of diseases (mild / oid), however, the lack of rain brought less vegetative expansion than intended, either in the development of hedges, or in the development of bunches. Being so low values ​​of water were registered in the soils, the development of the plants was limited, which resulted in an anticipation of about three weeks in the cycle. Analytically observing that the levels of sugars and acids soon fall would approach what was intended, it was necessary to anticipate the harvests. We started Red wine harvest on the 17th with the entry of the Baga grape in the cellar. This followed harvest of Tinta Amarela and Tinta Roriz (19 and 21 respectively). The first Touriga Nacional grapes entered the winery on August 24 and Touriga France on the 30th of August. Having the harvest started earlier, it also ended a few days before the usual dates, with the last grapes received on the 20th of September. Although the year was hot and dry, the plants withstood the extreme dryness recorded, keeping the hedge in good condition been up to the vintage.

Quinta do Vale Meão Vintage Port 2007

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