After the end of the 2011 vintage, the rainy weather did not arrive, having been a abnormally hot and dry autumn. Only in late November 2011 rain came, about 100 mm, a quarter of the annual average for this region. The rest of the winter kept the trend and we started the vegetative cycle with a content of water in the soil almost zero. This situation made it difficult to sprout the vine that it was, therefore, very irregular. Only at the end of April, early May appeared some precipitation, about 120mm, which was very important for the plant survival in an extremely dry year. However, at thermal, 2012 was a cooler year than usual in the Douro Superior, with only two heat spikes, one in June and the other at the end of July. It is this situation allowed the incidence of diseases this year to be very low.

In years with these characteristics, plants adapt to conditions and, so it was a year with small vegetative walls, low growth and, consequently, small bunches and berries. This situation caused a
production drop of about 20%, with a higher incidence in old vines.
Interestingly, maturation was slow and there was no loss of production additional costs due to dehydration of berries. Thus, the harvest started on 4 September in the Tinta Amarela variety, followed by Tinta Roriz and Tinta Barroca. At last Tourigas Nacionais and Francas were harvested on September 27th. The average quality of musts 2012 is very high.

Quinta do Vale Meão 2012

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