The family that owns the Quinta proudly takes on the motto Honore et Labore (with honor and hard work), used by its ancestor Constantino de Almeida.

With the HONORE project, which celebrates the 400 years of history of Quinta do Crasto, homage is paid to the men and women who, over the centuries, have invested in the culture of the vineyard and in the creation of genuine and unique wines, long recognized among the best in the world.

To celebrate a unique date at one of the oldest Quintas in the Douro, a special wine was selected. HONORE is a very old tawny port, over 100 years old, coming from a very small number of hulls, from harvests before 1918, belonging to the stock of Constantino de Almeida and preserved in the Quinta for three generations. For this special HONORE edition, a batch of a limited series of 400 bottles was carefully prepared, the number of years in the history of this Quinta. A unique wine and a just symbol of such an important historical landmark.

HONORE is produced with exceptional materials such as silver, hand-crafted, crystal in its highest state of purity, selected by master glassmakers who guarantee an exquisite shine and transparency, as well as noble walnut wood entirely solid and hand-stitched alcantara.

Each of the 400 decanters, individually numbered, was produced using blown crystal glass in its highest state of purity, by master craftsmen from the world-renowned Portuguese company - Atlantis. There are 400 unique pieces, designed and worked exclusively for this HONORE edition.

Each piece was finished with engraved sterling silver and hand crafted by the prestigious company Topázio, a reference brand, centenary in the art of creating and producing pieces in this noble material.

This is a highly luxurious edition, the result of the mastery of a team composed of the most experienced Portuguese artisans, who worked individually on each piece, not neglecting every detail and detail, thus making it unique and exclusive.

Memory is the identity of a people ... HONORE, the gratitude of 400 years of history.

Winemaker: Manuel Lobo

Grape varieties: Field Blend

Vinification: Traditional vinification of Port wine, later being transferred to 650 liters brown casks.

Aging: In casks 650 liters of brown for more than a century.

Tasting Note: Amber color loaded with soft tones of olive green color, it presents in the nose an exceptional complexity and intensity typical of a wine aged in cask for more than 1 century. A very seductive wine where we can easily find aromas of honey, cedar, tobacco leaf and dried fruits. In the mouth it is a real discovery. It starts very concentrated and evolves in an elegant way to a wine of several layers, among which a seductive sweetness and a very refreshing acidity stand out. A wine of extraordinary persistence that awakens all the senses and where we get lost in a magical and addictive way.

Quinta do Crasto Honore Port

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