"Quintão   brand   conventional   olive   oil comes    from    various    olives    in    the Mascarenhas farm. Used since 1962 in the farm,   this   philosophy   of   work   is   still maintained,   and   the   facilities   and   the concept   of   quality   in   the   producers themselves have been improved."
"With  carefully  selected  olives  and  cold  extracted    in    order    to    conserve    the properties of them, comes this olive oil of excellent   quality   with   regard   to   the organoleptic parameters, perfect to satisfy"
"the most demanding paladar."    


• Olives Verdeal, Madural, Cobrançosa and Negrinha.


• Production way I mproved Traditional Agriculture in the region on Trás os Montes, Mirandela


Nutricional Values:

• Energy:900 kcal

• Lipids of which 100g Saturated fat : 15g

• Sugars 0g

• Proteins 0g

• Sodium0g

• Maximum Acidity 0.4%

• Peroxides Index ≤ 20

• Wax ≤ 150

Quintão Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Rafia 250 ml

SKU: AZ001
25 Centiliters
  • 250ml