Origens olive oil was created by Filom e na Branco Carvalho Neto it comes from her farm in Mascarenhas in the municipality of Mirandela.

It originates from the fusion of olive oils produced with tradition, quality and innovation with modern farming techniques in organic production With a youthful image, Origens brand, of modern and sophisticated character, offers distinctive products that appeal to the aromas, best traditions and origins of the Portugal’s northeast.

Being an appealing brand by its contents and image, it distinguishes in the Gourmet and Bio markets.


• Olives Verdeal, Madural, Cobrançosa , Negrinha

• Production way Biological Agriculture in the region on Trás os Montes, Mirandela. Certifier Agent Ecocert



•Energy / Calorias: 821 kcal

•Lipids of which/Lípidos dos quais: 91.2g 

•Saturated fat/Gorduras saturadas: 13.1g

•Sugars/Açucares: 0g

•Proteins/Proteinas: 0g 

•Sodium/Sal: 0g

•Maximum Acidity/Máximo de Acidez: 0.3% 

•Peroxides Index/Indexde Peróxidos: ≤ 15 

•Wax/Cera: ≤ 150


Origens Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil 500ml

SKU: AZ006
50 Centiliters
  • 500ml