In the national wine panorama, there is no more consensual producer than Niepoort. The long history of this house begins in 1842 and with the first Van Der Niepoort to arrive in Portugal. He started out as a Port Wine dealer and soon turned his business into a prosperous business that would greatly facilitate the work of generations to come. In the 5th generation, Dirk Niepoort was born, an unavoidable character in the world of wines, recognized as one of the most important characters who worked, and works, in favor of Portuguese wine. He collaborated with several dozen producers, helped them to improve their wines, to understand their vineyards. It started a revolution in the 90s when its first Robustus was born, still today a mythical wine in the Douro. In 2006, he created the Niepoort Projectos brand, where he puts his experiences, his fantastic experiences around unusual varieties in the Douro, such as Chardonnay, Pinot Noir or Riesling, starts to import some of the best wines in the world, from Burgundy or Rhône, and distributes wines he loves, from several friendly oenologists. In 2012, he started a project in Bairrada, with the acquisition of Quinta de Baixo, an old dream, or if he had not helped Gonçalves Faria, Quinta de Saima or Dores Simões to be well known. Again in 2014, Niepoort acquires Quinta da lomba in Gouveia and starts its project in Dão. Many other projects, in practically all national wine regions and some foreign ones, had the use of Dirk Niepoort. And as someone once said, Portugal needed four or five more Dirk, and we would not have wine to sell today.

Niepoort Vintage Port 2017

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