James Martin's returns in a rare limited edition by the hand of Dr. Bill Lumsden, the acclaimed Director of Whiskey Creation at The Glenmorangie Company.

Blended from a selection of exceptional aged whiskeys, James Martin's 32 has all the full, rounded flavors that James Martin's whiskey is still known for. These generous flavors were further enriched by 32 years of barrel.

With aromas of creamy caramel and notes of Marsala wine, interwoven with flavors of dates, mild spices, citrus and sugar-coated almonds, James Martin's legacy lives on in this exquisite whiskey.

Alcohol Content: 43%

Color: Deep Amber with tawny highlights

Nose: The aroma is full and rounded, with many creamy toffees, yellow sugar, notes of Marsala wine, a hint of salted pork, delicate oranges and tangerines, and a minimal mineral touch, rough and slightly sulfurous. With a splash of water, there is an explosion of floral notes, such as fresh cloves and then a little salty dough.

Flavor: A charming, smooth, sweet and calming sensation on the palate immediately leads to a memory of caramel pudding - molasses, dates, brown sugar and the mildest of spices, such as nutmeg and cinnamon. There is a permanent critical note, like orange oil, with some sugar-coated almonds.

End of mouth: Long, oak and sweet, with the slightest hint of anise.

James Martin's 32 years w/ box

SKU: W019
70 Centiliters
  • 43%

  • Scotland