Founded in 1820, Graham's has two of the best properties in the Douro valley: Quinta dos Malvedos and Quinta do Tua, which produce wines of exceptional quality with great structure, richness and complexity. Graham's is an independent company, owned 100% by the Symington family, producers of Port Wine since the 19th century and whose ancestors were the origin of Port's first exports in 1652. Graham's is recognized as one of the reference producers of Vintage Port; his 2007 Vintage achieved 97 points (out of 100 possible), awarded by Robert Parker, the world's most accredited wine critic who wrote, "The wine candidate of the year... an extraordinary achievement." It is currently at the forefront of oenological innovation. Graham's 20 Years is the search for perfection on the part of the master taster, capturing the balance between the freshness of the young ports and the complexity of the aged Ports. A wine perfected for more than twenty years to delight those seeking excellence. Amber and tawny golden in color. Excellent aroma with specific characteristic of nuts and fruits deliciously ripened with notes of orange peel, exquisitely velvety by aging care. Rich, slightly sweet and smooth. Perfectly balanced with a long and elegant finish.


Graham´s 20 Years

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