Chryseia 2015 was produced from the finest quality grapes drawn from Prats & Symington’s two Upper Douro Valley vineyards, Quinta de Roriz and Quinta da Perdiz. Another property, Quinta da Vila Velha, which is privately owned by a member of the Symington family, also contributed some of its best grapes, as it has done for every vintage of Chryseia. Abundant rainfall at the start of the viticultural year contributed to the replenishment of soil water reserves. This was crucial due to the very dry winter, spring and summer that followed. The spring was one of the hottest and driest of the last three decades. Some timely rain showers in May were of enormous benefit and helped sustain the vines during the very hot, dry months of June and July. August days and nights were relatively cool, mitigating the effects of the drought; the cooler nocturnal temperatures proving decisive in preserving the acidity in the berries and paving the way for balanced maturations. The grapes were picked in excellent condition , resulting in a very fine Chryseia 2015.

Chryseia 2015

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75 Centiliters
  • 14.2%