Casa Agrícola Valbom is situated in Valbom dos Figos, a typical village in the municipality of Mirandela, in the homogeneous area of Terra Quente.


Founded in the late nineteenth century by João Bento de Carvalho, greatgrandfather of the current owners, Casa Agrícola Valbom associates the ancestral knowledge with modern agricultural technologies in organic production, originating distinctive products appealing to savor, to the origins and to the best traditions of the region.


With the awareness of the benefits of organic farming for health and the environment, the methods used for production were changed in 1980 and, in the last two decades, certified by Ecocert Portugal.


• Olives Verdeal, Madural and Cobrançosa

• Production way Biological Agriculture in the region on Trás os Montes, Mirandela. Certifier Agent Ecocert.


Nutricional Values:

• Energy / Calorias : 821 kcal

• Lipids of which/ Lípidos dos quais : 91.2g

• Saturated fat/ Gorduras saturadas : 13.1g

• Sugars/ Açucares : 0g

• Proteins/ Proteinas : 0g

• Sodium/ Sal : 0g

• Maximum Acidity/ Máximo de Acidez : 0.3%

• Peroxides Index/ Index de Peróxidos : ≤ 15

• Wax/ Cera : ≤ 150

Casa de Valbom Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil 250 ml

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