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To start answering this questions let’s look at beers. You have probably drunk a craft beer in your life as they have been the protagonists of the beer market for several years. Craft beer became so popular that, ironically, the big industries are now producing craft beer without craftiness.

Now, back to wine. The easiest way to understand what is a craft wine is to look at the opposite i.e. industrialised wine. Industrialised or commercial wines are the mass-produced wines that you can find in supermarkets, wine shops and various e-commerces, all fighting to sell same known wines a bit cheaper than the other.

Commercial wines are produced in large scale to fulfil a demand and their aim is to match the taste of the largest audience possible to sell as much as they can optimising their production dropping traditional processes and adding new technologies, chemicals and other manufacturing techniques with the ultimate goal of a positive balance sheet at the end of the year to pay dividends.  

On the other hand the craft wine has a soul. It comes from a live experience full of energy. The use of hands, manual techniques and traditional methods and equipment  each bottle of craft wine becomes an exclusive piece of art.


The financial result for is not the goal of the producers but a natural consequence of the creation of a small batch of high quality craft wine that brings consumers to feel the natural taste on each sip.

Craft wines are now becoming popular between wine lovers that want a unique experience of taste and flavour.

Wine Chalet Portugal visits wineries, speak to winemakers and listen to their stories, learn from their experience, taste their wines and then make it available to you so you can feel the unique and unbeatable taste of a craft wine.


We invite you to visit our collection of craft wines and discover a new taste of your already favorite drink.

manual harvest and selection of bunches

 fermentation in press crushed by foot

sustainable, family owned and community supportive 

IT IS not available in supermarkets

how to identify a CRAFT WINE

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